Robert DeLapp Interview

Robert DeLapp Interview

Big thanks to Robert DeLapp, who’s been kind enough to pass along a bunch of great stories and details about the special effects on Laboratory.  As the Director of Special Effects at Landmark Entertainment Group during the mid-80’s, Robert coordinated all of the amazing magical effects that made this show so special.

A few highlights from our conversations:

  • Typically one company (vendor) is chosen to handle all of the special effects, but Robert took a “divide and conquer” approach, awarding effects contracts to numerous vendors based on their strengths and estimates.
  • A custom fog chiller, nicknamed the “Blue Whale,” lived in the basement of the show building (roughly under the cauldron) and provided all of the fog effects on Laboratory.
  • The suit of armor effect was incredibly complex, featuring an internally-lit gold suit, covered by a translucent silver shell, and featuring intricate fiber optics throughout.

Visit the Effects page for all of Robert’s great additions and stories.

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