Jim Michaelson Poster Concept

Jim Michaelson Poster Concept

Recently stumbled upon this pencil drawing on eBay:

Sign / Banner concept by Jim Michaelson
Sign / Banner concept by Jim Michaelson

The name “Jim Michaelson” rang a bell, and a quick Googling reminded me why.  Many Disney now-iconic parks posters from the 70’s and 80’s were designed by Jim:

Pirates of the Caribbean Poster by Jim Michaelson

Jungle Cruise poster by Jim Michaelson

Disneyland Railroad poster by Jim Michaelson

It’s thrilling to know that yet another Disney legend had a hand in the Laboratory project, as Jim’s poster design strongly influenced the final banner from the pre-show, as well as the large sign that comes up from the floor.

Thanks for sharing, Rob! Your dad had quite a career, and it’s amazing to see the breadth of his work.

Jim and I were recent graduates of San Jose State college when we met in 1966 I was looking for an artist to design my first dance concert poster for a public dance at the San Jose Civic Auditorium in May of that year. Jim won the contest, and then went on to win the follow up contest for my June concert that year featuring the barely known Jefferson Airplane. That airplane was a classic when it was done., and one of the most popular posters of that era even 60 years later. By January of the next year I hired him to work full time designing posters without concerts. Jim went on to work for Disney designing poster art for the rest of his career.


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