Jim Michaelson Poster Concept

Jim Michaelson Poster Concept

Recently stumbled upon this pencil drawing on eBay:

Sign / Banner concept by Jim Michaelson
Sign / Banner concept by Jim Michaelson

The name “Jim Michaelson” rang a bell, and a quick Googling reminded me why.  Many Disney now-iconic parks posters from the 70’s and 80’s were designed by Jim:

Pirates of the Caribbean Poster by Jim Michaelson

Jungle Cruise poster by Jim Michaelson

Disneyland Railroad poster by Jim Michaelson

It’s thrilling to know that yet another Disney legend had a hand in the Laboratory project, as Jim’s poster design strongly influenced the final banner from the pre-show, as well as the large sign that comes up from the floor.

Thanks for sharing, Rob! Your dad had quite a career, and it’s amazing to see the breadth of his work.


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